water purifier

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water purifier


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Purification system in high quality

Unikul water purifier removes bacteria as well as chemical polluted substances


Automatic Double safety

water level controller

Application of float check valve ASM(Micro S/W) prevents overflowing of water by interrupting solenoid valve in case water is filled fully up to the brim of the tank. if the primary safety device fails, the float check valve ASM blocks the water fed into tank as a Back-up double safety device.


Children's safety faucets usage

Protect children from hot water because it is besigned to be extracted only when extraction button of extraction lever is pushed at the same time.


The model 4011 water purification system is designed for large capacity use, and provides exceptional performance for the highest levels of consumption. The sophisticated technology and innovative design is equipped with 9 stages of purification for clean, fresh and healthy drinking water. Each system is designed with an internal purification system, which ensures quality and protection for every drop of water.


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